How to Find Your “Go To” Natural Hair Style

You have made the decision to go natural -now what? To start the process, you have watched countless videos and searched Pinterest trying to find hairstyles that you can wear and that fit your “vibe”. After all the research you still have to make sure those hairstyles match your hair type, face shape and activities of daily living? The evolution of your “go to” natural hair style takes time and the willingness to experiment with different products and techniques that can easily be included in your daily routine. 

As you watch videos on “how to” style natural hair it is important to understand the person in the video usually references products they have learned that work for their own hair. Even if they have your same hair type, it does not guarantee the product used will give you the same result. The current condition of your hair is essential to the success of going natural and finding your “go to” natural hair style. Chemically treated hair tends to present very dry and potentially damaged cuticles on your strands of hair. This damage may result in frizzy hair which may frustrate the beginning of your transition. Hair in this condition may benefit from protective styling while beginning the transition. The successful transition should include a needs assessment of your current hair condition.

Once you have identified the condition of your hair, we can look at hair styles and appropriate products needed to achieve desired results. Products are designed to meet the needs and condition of your current hair. Many shampoo and conditioning products have designations for hydration, moisture, proteins, deep moisture or clarifying. A lot of naturals find best results with products that are free from PEGs, Dyes, Fragrance, Mineral Oils, Silicone and Parabens. Other designations include dry, damage, coarse, thick, curly (type4) and fine hair types. These designations offer new naturals a great start with product selection, which styles work best with the product and how to use.  As your hair condition changes and improves, it may be necessary to change the products in your current regimen to meets different needs of your hair.

What to Consider When Going Natural

Shrinkage also plays an important part when choosing your “go to” natural hair style. True curl patterns are normally identifiable after six months of heat less hair care. Kinky oily hair types often deal with major shrinkage as the health of their hair improves. There are several stretching techniques for natural hair including banding, braiding, and hair pinning to elongate a desired style. Hair styling tools are important to the styling and drying process as well. It is important to keep hair detangled as much as possible.

The going natural hair process will hopefully make you fall in love with your hair and create an endless bond. The process of discovery will encourage a natural routine that will maximize your growth potential and help to reach your hair goals.  The process of identification of key ingredients hair types, and quality products will help you navigate how to provide proper care for your hair. Finding your go to style will create versatility and hair care regimen to simply the going natural process.

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