5 Pro Tips for Winter Skin and Hair Care


While many people may not necessarily enjoy the cold weather that the winter season brings with it, most individuals do enjoy what this season generally represents. The holidays are here, families are brought closer together, food seems to taste a little better and the music is upbeat and cheerful. Winter can be an uplifting and wonderful season with a plethora of positivity encompassing our everyday lives throughout this magical time. However, winter also brings with it an abundance of issues when it comes to skin and hair care.

 While the winter season brings many wonderful things with it, it always brings harsher (colder) weather, an increase in hotter centralized hair and prolonged showers, and less humidity. All of these occurrences typically lead to your skin and hair drying out faster, itchy scalps, and dry/cracked skin. These things can not only lead to depression and lower self-esteem but can always cause physical problems that are a real pain to deal with. To help our readers out, we have compiled five pro tips for winter skin and hair care that should be utilized during the winter months.

Use Natural Hair Oil

 While it is common knowledge that our skin dry’s out during the winter months, not everyone realizes that our hair takes similar punishment through being exposed to the harsh, colder weather. Locks are consistently dry and frizzy, while the lack of humidity in the air can cause split ends and dry scalp. To prevent these things from occurring during the winter months, try using a good natural hair oil that does not contain any harmful chemicals. A good hair oil can help properly moisturize your hair while preventing split ends and dry scalp. Silent Naturals SAJ oil will also provide you with the added benefits of reducing inflammation of your scalp and certain anti-itch properties that can do wonders for you during these cold months.

Moisturize Your Skin Often

 We have already discussed how the cold air and reduced humidity can really do a negative number on your hair and the same holds true for your skin. The less humidity there is in the air, the less water content your skin has, meaning the dryer your skin will be. For these reasons it is imperative that you moisturize frequently and generously. We recommend opting for a good natural body butter that is oil based, rather than water based. A good, thick body butter can do wonders for your skin by preventing dryness and cracking during the winter months. Make sure to moisturize throughout the day, but especially right after you get out of the shower and right before you go to bed for the night.

Avoid Too Much Hot Water

 This is probably one of the most difficult tips for people to follow during the cold winter months, however it is also one of the most important. It is natural to want to take long, hot steamy showers or baths to warm up from the harsh, cold weather that is brought on during the winter. However, you should avoid too much hot water as much as possible as hot water dehydrates your skin and hair, which is especially true in the drier air that accompanies winter weather. Exposing your hair and skin to too much hot water during the winter can bring on surface burns (on your skin) and can strip your hair of its natural protective oils. Try sticking to shorter showers around 5-8 minutes during the winter. If you prefer to take baths, use warm water rather than hot water and keep the length of the bath to 10 minutes or less.

Exercise and Hydrate Frequently

 The next pro tip on our list is one that should actually be followed year-round and not just during the winter months. Exercising regularly while hydrating frequently will improve both your skin and hair’s overall health drastically. Regular exercise helps remove harmful toxins from our bodies that block healthy skin and hair properties/growth. Drinking plenty of water has a similar effect and will help promote healthy hair and skin. Proper exercise and hydration techniques will not only improve your hair and skin’s health, but also obviously improves your body’s overall health. Try to create a routine that works for you and stick to it through the winter months to really give your skin and hair some extra “shine”.

Make Sure to Exfoliate

 It is a known fact that our skin cells are constantly dying. While this may seem like a bad thing, it is actually a good thing that tells us our skin is healthy. Our skin cells die frequently so that they can be replaced with new, healthy skin cells. By utilizing a natural exfoliating route you can jump start this process by scrubbing away the dead skin cells earlier and clearing the way for healthy skin cells to take their place. Depending on how oily your skin is naturally, try using either oatmeal or a baking soda and water mix for your exfoliating needs. Both options are completely natural and will also save you a good amount of money on exfoliating mask products. During the cooler winter months, you will want to exfoliate anywhere between 2-4 times a week depending on how dry your skin is.

 By practicing the above outlined pro tips for winter skin and hair care, you should have everything you need to get through the colder months with healthy skin and hair. In addition to the tips outlined above, you should always opt for natural hair products over hair products that contain sulfates and harsh chemicals. Remember to treat both your hair and skin with the time and dedication they deserve to achieve your desired results. For more natural hair care tips, check out our natural hair care blog.