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At Silent Naturals our goal is to provide our customers with the absolute best natural hair products available. We understand that switching to a full natural hair care regime can be complex and confusing at times, which is why we are here to walk you through each step and provide you with the answers you need to successfully make the transition. Whether you are in need of a full set of natural hair products, or are simply looking for a great natural shampoo or an amazing organic leave-in conditioner, we have you covered.

Silent Naturals utilizes an abundance of natural ingredients to provide our customers with organic, affordable natural hair care products in order to help with their journey to “Go Natural”. From the rosemary oil in our natural leaf shampoo that is widely known to stimulate hair roots by increasing circulation in the scalp, to the Ylang Ylang oil in our natural Ylang Thang conditioner which possesses antiseptic properties to increase blood flow to the scalp, each of our natural hair products includes only the finest all-natural ingredients to help your hair grow and stay strong. All of the ingredients in our natural hair care products have been fully vetted and thoroughly tested on real, natural hair in order to provide our customers with proven results that will leave your hair feeling nourished and refreshed.

Silent Naturals goal is to make going natural with your hair as easy as possible. Making the choice to “Go Natural” is one that will benefit your hair and its overall health tremendously for the rest of your life. Say “no” to all those toxic chemicals that non-natural hair care products contain and treat your hair with only the best. Check out all of our newest natural hair products below and don’t forget to drop by our natural hair blog for all of the latest hair nurturing tips to help improve your hairs health, volume, shine, and much more!


“I love the hair product! The shampoo cleans quickly and nondrying.
The leave-in conditioner is light and softening. I’m now back to wearing a natural style again,
I didn’t think I could do it again – but it is freedom!”